So you’re off on your family vacation, and you need to pack with a toddler in tow. If so, follow these few tips to make packing for your stroller for air travel as smooth as possible!

Pack With the Expectation of Lost Luggage

As one can never be too prepared, it’s essential to pack extra clothes and diapers. This ensures peace of mind! When you do this, if the airline does lose your luggage, there is no need to worry that anything will go amiss.
However, ensure that any clothes with fragrances are packed in plastic bags or inside sealed plastic containers to prevent rank smells from pervading everything else in the suitcase.

Plan With Packing

Travel Gear Reviews recommends that you pack your stroller in your checked baggage, if possible. If this is not possible, be sure to place it in an oversized garment bag (not a plastic bin) when packing it in your suitcase for air travel.
Pack the stroller in the dark (preferably with its wheels in) to avoid wrinkles and make packing in your suitcase for air travel more accessible. Also great to pack in plastic bags, which will prevent scratching of the stroller.
Pack all accessories like car seats and diaper bags separately. Ensure they are packed safely and securely with plenty of cushioning (before putting them into a case). One problem many parents have reported with packing these is that the bag can get crushed from the stroller or be mangled by it getting in and out of a standard suitcase.

Do Not Pack a Car Seat Inside a Regular Stroller

The struggle to fit a car seat into a regular stroller for travel. The car seat hammocks on top of one another, meaning that if they are going to be packed in one bag, you will need to remove them from their seat attachment point and place them separately in their bags.

Pack Your Diaper Bag Separately

Your diaper bag is an essential part of your stroller travel! Clearly labeled, have all components easy to access. Remember, the more things you have in there, the more you need to carry around! Be sure to use a backpack diaper bag for this reason.

Pack Light

We live by the motto “pack light. Go light” when traveling with baby strollers for air travel. Packing light means that you can bring less stuff with you on your travels; therefore, fewer things could get lost (or broken). We recommend that all accessories (car seat, blanket, changing mat, etc. ) are packed separately from the stroller.

Decide if You Will Need a Portable Playpen or Crib for Your Baby

The safest way to keep your baby is to use a traditional crib or playpen. When traveling, make sure it is well-cushioned, has a fitted sheet, and that the material it’s made from is light and breathable.

Consider Using a Port-A-Cot for Baby

A portable travel cot makes an ideal option for traveling with a baby stroller for air travel. This is also classed as a crib, giving you more choices for your baby. This is not the same as a portable playpen, sometimes made of mesh material and can pose safety issues.

Make Sure You Have All the Right Adapters

If you are venturing abroad, consider purchasing an adapter for your pram or stroller. These adapters can be used as spare parts, so you do not need to pack them in your suitcase for air travel with baby strollers for travel.

Pack Your Stroller in a Way That It Fits All the Airline’s Dimensions

We recommend using a suitcase on wheels with a robust handle. If you are traveling with your out-of-carriage stroller, we recommend that you pack it into a carry-on bag. This will prevent breaking or bending of the stroller and ensure that it has the most protection from damage while being transported.

Pack Extras of Clothing and Diapers

Be sure to pack enough clothing for your baby for one week. Use layers so you can keep your baby warm overnight.

Consider Using a Pram Seat Protector for Air Travel With Baby Strollers

When traveling with your baby stroller for air travel, consider using seat protectors on the seats of your pram or stroller. This will prevent the seat protector from getting dirty while traveling and fit securely over the pram or stroller seat.

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Follow these tips, and you will have a much easier time traveling with your baby stroller for air travel. Remember, it’s all about being practical and prepared!


Q1. How do I pack light as per the experts’ advice?
A1. Pack as much as you can separate from your stroller or pram. We recommend packing your diaper bag in a backpack, so it’s easy to carry around.

Q2. What is the best stroller for bringing on a plane?
A2. A lightweight, compact, and sturdy (with a canopy and brakes) with a car seat adapter is recommended by experts at!

Q3. Can you pack a regular stroller (non-travel) in your checked baggage?
A3. If you buy the right stroller for air travel, it can fit into your carry-on bag and go straight onto the plane. However, we suggest that if you want to bring your regular stroller with you, you should check for any specific requirements (there may be weight and size restrictions) and then pack this in a checked bag.