It depends on your needs and requirements. If you are a traveling parent and are planning your next trip, it’s important to determine if you can fit your stroller in with all of your luggage. Other factors like the size of the stroller and hotel regulations should also be considered. 

Conditions for Traveling With a Stroller

1. Security Checks
Traveling with a baby stroller may present an issue, especially when you move in different airlines. For example, if your stroller is not allowed on the plane due to weight limitations, you will need to check it in. This means that you will have to pay extra luggage fees. It is best to check the airline’s rules that you are planning to use for your journey.

2. Size and Weight of the Stroller
Not all baby strollers are the same size and weight. The bigger and heavier your stroller is, the more difficult it will be to carry. It will also use much more space in your luggage. If you can’t fit your stroller in with all of your other regular luggage, you might need to consider leaving it behind.

3. Hotel Regulations
Some hotels have strict rules regarding using baby strollers within their premises. You may need to check with the hotel’s front desk regarding their policies. Some hotels, such as those in Manhattan, do not allow strollers inside their premises.

4. Distance To Be Traveled 
The problem with traveling with a stroller is the distance that you need to cover. Bringing a stroller will not be practical if you need to walk a lot or if your hotel is far from the airport or from destinations you need to visit. It will be better to leave it behind and employ other means of transportation.

5. Weather Conditions
The weather plays a huge role when it comes to traveling with a baby stroller. If your trip is during the rainy season, it might be good to pack an extra plastic bag for your stroller so that it can stay dry. 

Things You Will Need When Traveling With a Stroller

1. Bigger Luggage Bag
A larger bag will be required for traveling with your stroller. It will need to be strong enough to hold the weight of the stroller. Consider using a waterproof bag so that your stroller can stay dry in case it rains.

2. Rain Cover
You will need a good rain cover to protect your baby stroller. This will help prevent your stroller from getting damaged and wet.

3. Wheel Covers
A wheel cover is required to protect the wheels from getting damaged. This will assist you in making sure that your stroller moves smoothly across different surfaces.

Advantages of Traveling With a Stroller

1. A stroller can accommodate more than one child.

2. It helps protect against road accidents and provides extra security for babies and toddlers while at home or on holiday abroad.

3. It can be used as a buggy board on excursions with older children or when you decide to take the children sightseeing.

4. If you intend to travel abroad, the stroller is allowed on most airlines and in some cases, it will allow you to carry more hand luggage.

5. It keeps your kids entertained during the journey by allowing them to play and exploring different surroundings.

Disadvantages of Traveling With a Stroller

1. Its weight may be too heavy for you to carry.

2. There is a possibility that a stroller will get damaged because of the way it is being carried from one place to another.

3. It might have limited leg room when placed in the storage compartments on airplanes.

4. Your children may not be used to the stroller and might want to walk occasionally. This will result in you having to carry your child’s weight in addition to the stroller.

5. It is hard to navigate through rooms with a lot of furniture (such as hotel rooms) and places with many people, such as museums or other attractions.

Is It Safe to Travel With a Stroller?

If you are going to a developing country, it is safer to leave the stroller at home and find a baby carrier instead. Strollers are hard to maneuver on cracked or broken sidewalks, damaged pathways and varying weather conditions. If it’s winter, your baby might get cold riding in a stroller if it isn’t wrapped up properly. Carrying babies with child carriers is certainly safer than using strollers for many countries around the world. If you bring your stroller, be sure to lock it up whenever you are not using it (especially at public places such as airports).

Top Travel-Friendly Baby Stroller Brands 

1. Maclaren Baby Stroller
This stroller has a unique and adjustable seat that can be folded and easily stored with the simple twist of a buckle. The stroller also accommodates your baby’s needs as they grow, weighing up to 50 pounds. Also, it has a handy storage basket as well as removable footrests.

2. Baby Jogger City Mini Double Baby Stroller
This stroller is compact, lightweight and easy to fold for storage, travel, or transport. It’s a good option for traveling with two children. The stroller also has a removable canopy, which provides extra shade.

3. Britax B-Lively
This stroller has a compact fold that makes it simple to transport and travel with. It has a large canopy that provides comfort for your baby and is easy to open and close with one hand. The stroller comes with a hand-operated parking brake, a parent tray with 2 cup holders, and a removable bumper bar.

4. Graco Modes Jogger Travel System
This stroller has a removable infant car seat that fits perfectly into the stroller base. The canopy is extendable and provides extra shade. It has “pass through” storage that is easy to access when your baby is in the stroller.

5. UPPAbaby G-Lite
This stroller is lightweight, slim and has an adjustable canopy. It can hold up to 35 pounds of weight. Also, it has a large storage basket for anything you might need to store when traveling with your baby.

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Traveling with a stroller is something that you should consider, knowing the rules and regulations of air flights and hotels along with the weather conditions of the city being traveled to. On the other hand, it might be good to leave it at home if you plan to walk a lot or your baby can manage itself in a carrier and doesn’t feel uncomfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will I have to pay extra baggage fees with my stroller?
A. If you can fit your stroller with all your luggage, there should not be any additional baggage fees incurred. However, if you cannot fit the stroller with your regular luggage, you might want to consider checking it in separately.

Q. How do I pack my stroller?
A. The first step in packing a stroller is keeping it clean. Also, ensure that you are not placing any sharp objects inside the stroller that might cut the child’s skin or cause injuries. Next, put your stroller into a bigger bag that can fit all your luggage. It is also important to find a bag for your stroller that does not leak, as it can be very inconvenient.

Q. How do I take care of my stroller?
A. Dirt and stains are not good for your stroller, so you need to wipe them down after every use. You should also never put your baby’s toys or other things inside the stroller because these will get stained too. Also, ensure that you keep the wheels waxed, so they don’t get damaged easily.