Traveling with kids can be a complicated task, especially if you have various accessories with you. Moving along with a car seat and stroller is a hectic task and needs to be managed accordingly. You can take care of the car seat and the stroller by packing them well or keeping them in a safe place, away from dust and pressure.

How to Manage Traveling With Car Seat and Stroller

1. Start by placing the car seat in the trunk or keeping it under the rear seats. This way, it is easy to access and you do not have to take the entire stroller along. 

2. On putting the car seat in place, ensure that you lock and unlock it and turn it around so that the straps are facing down. There should be no strap hanging down that might get twisted or knotted while driving. 

3. The next thing to do is keep the rear-facing stroller in a safe place and away from dust and pressure. Place it away from the trunk and locks where it might get damaged while driving. 

4. Try placing a blanket or a sheet below the stroller to avoid damaging its wheels while driving. This way, you can also avoid any damage that might occur during travel. Try to check for any loose parts like nuts, bolts, screws, etc.

5. Tie the loose parts with a string or tape. This way, it will not be able to move about when you are driving. 

What You Should Look In a Stroller

You will need a lightweight umbrella stroller for traveling and quick trips. Get a jogging stroller if you want to run with your baby. 

If you have two kids, you might need a stroller with two seats. There are double strollers and strollers with attached seats too.

Some strollers have a car base and others have a compatible connection through a clip. If you live in a place where there is uneven terrain, you might need a jogging stroller. 

Some strollers include adapters to fit the baby bicycle’s seat. So if you are traveling with your baby, you might need to check if these strollers are compatible with your baby’s seat.

Many strollers come up with a sunshade, food basket, or cup holder. If you plan to buy a stroller, make sure it reclines as newborns and infants cannot hold up their heads or sit up. If you have a car, you might look for a stroller that can be fixed on your car seat. 

Essential Features in a Stroller

Practical brakes
A wide base
A single footrest
A recline/sunshade

Practical Brakes

Try to look for strollers that have easy-to-handle brakes. There are some strollers having brakes that can lock the wheels. These kinds of strollers are best for safety.

A Wide Base

The base of the stroller should be large enough to keep your baby comfortable. A typical stroller has a base of 20 inches- 24 inches wide. 

A Single Footrest

A single footrest is an essential feature that helps to babysit on a stroller while sitting or standing. It can help in keeping the baby safe while sitting.

A Recline/Sunshade

Most strollers come with a recline feature. This helps the baby sleep or sit comfortably. Some strollers include sunshades to protect your baby from the sun’s glare and wind while traveling.

What You Should Look In a Car Seat

There are numerous things to look for in a car seat. There are car seats suitable for newborns and toddler car seats too.

Additionally, you will need a car seat that is appropriate for your baby. Babies grow at different rates and there are a lot of different car seat manufacturers. You should look for the one that suits the height and weight of your baby.

Do not hesitate to ask your friends and family for their recommendations on the best car seat if you find it hard to decide on one. Some of the top brands for car seats include Smitty the Bear, Safety 1st, Evenflo, Graco and Walmart.

Essential Features of a Car Seat

Locking mechanism
Rear-facing protection for babies (0-13 months old)
Forward-facing protection for toddlers (14-36 months old) T

Locking mechanism

Look for a car seat that has a latch-key mechanism on the base. This ensures that there is no possibility of the base opening while you are driving. Also, make sure the seat is not too heavy for you to carry.


A car seat should be comfortable for your baby. Look for a car seat that has soft straps and one that does not make noise when it moves up and down. Moreover, you can also look for a cushioned and contoured seat with extra padding that can absorb impact.


A lightweight car seat is easier to carry and place in your car. It will not be hard for you to lift it in and out of the car. The weight of the car seat also depends on the size of your baby.

Rear-facing Protection for Babies

The car seat should have a rear-facing installation. This helps protect your baby from injury in case of a sudden stop or crash. This can also prevent damage to the head, neck, spine, etc. Rear-facing seats are designed to protect your child’s head and face from injury.

Forward-facing Protection for Toddlers

The forward-facing seat should have a weight limit of 40 lbs. It should also have an adjustable height so that your baby can fit comfortably. Forward-face car seats are designed to help keep your toddler safe in case of a sudden stop or crash.

Traveling on an Aeroplane With Car Seat and Stroller

If you are planning to travel with your baby, you might want to consider investing in a car seat and stroller combo. You can use an airline-approved car seat or a convertible car seat. For a stroller, you can look for a lightweight umbrella stroller or a jogging stroller.

Traveling on an airplane also requires you to follow certain rules. You should confirm with your airline about the size restrictions for the car seat and stroller. You will also need to know if both of them can be checked in baggage or if you will have to carry them on board. 

Apart from the size restrictions, you might need to readjust the straps on the car seat and stroller. This is necessary so that they do not go beyond the designated length of the carrier. Moreover, most airlines allow only one carry-on bag that can be 24 inches in width or 20 inches in height.

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Traveling with a car seat and a stroller is a tough task, but you can place them both in your car’s trunk or the back seat for maximum ease. Also, while traveling on an airplane, make sure that the specific airline company allows these accessories on board.