Can I bring my stroller on an airplane? This question comes to mind while traveling by flight.

You may be able to take your stroller onto the aircraft as carry-on luggage, but you should check with your airline first. Some airlines have strict size and weight requirements for carry-on items, so be sure to meet these before packing a large item such as a stroller. If the airline does allow it, check-in at least 45 minutes before departure to avoid missing your flight or being forced to check the stroller as checked luggage which will incur additional fees. And of course, you cannot fly with children in their seat without paying for them as an adult passenger would spend.”

Can I bring my car seat on the plane? 

“No. Car seats cannot be checked as baggage and cannot be carried on the aircraft,” the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) states. If your baby is old enough for a car seat and you intend to use it for takeoff and landing, purchase a car seat with a separate carry-on bag to store it in.

Airlines Policies for Strollers:

Airlines have policies about strollers as carry-on luggage or checked luggage or only as a hand presence. “Check with your airline to find out whether they allow strollers on board and how they check them; some have size requirements, while others allow them free of charge.”

If you do take a stroller (and the airline allows it), “don’t travel on an airplane with it packed inside your checked luggage; you will need to check the stroller and pay extra fees.” Most airlines charge $25-$75 for checking a stroller, and that’s not including any overweight fees, which vary from carrier to carrier.

In 2017, a United Airlines stroller-check rule changed. Passengers flying within the U.S. can now check almost any stroller style as long as it does not exceed 50 pounds (23 kilograms), including carry-on items, with no additional fees. The exception is for particular types of exceptions, such as wheelchairs and collapsible strollers designed to be stored in cargo and checked baggage, which they can check if it exceeds 50 pounds (23 kilograms). There is no size restriction on strollers that can be checked in.

Can I have my child in their seat without paying for them as an adult passenger would pay? 

Some airlines allow children to travel for free if they are under the age of two, can’t sit on their own, or are disabled, as long as they do not need a separate seat in the same cabin.

Before you check-in, airlines will ask about the child’s medical condition and health. “The airline will then allow that child to fly free of charge. However, if you plan to take your child on more than one flight, always check with the airline first — not all airlines allow children to travel free of charge,” according to Rick Anderson, the owner of BackPax Strollers LLC.

Strollers must be deflated completely and transported in the passenger cabin and without wheels or baskets. Checked baggage strollers must be reduced, folded and placed flat in the bag or box. Never put a stroller in an overhead bin, and always check the weight limit on the aircraft before you fit any of your baggage items.

The Best Stroller for Traveling:

“The Mosey, from Baby Jogger, is one of the better options for travel. Its unique design allows it to fold in on itself and lie flat during traveling. It fits in most size overhead compartments on airplanes and can be carried as a hand-carry on board. (Swiss International Air Lines charges $70 for this service.) In September 2018, Southwest announced that they would be charging $50 to check a stroller directly as luggage if it exceeds 50 pounds (23 kilograms); however, there is no weight restriction for carry-on items.

Can I carry a stroller in flight without a baby?

“If you have a stroller that can’t go in the overhead compartment because it’s too big, and there is no other place for it on the plane (some people may have large strollers that won’t fit under a seat), your best bet is to check your stroller as checked baggage.”

Some airlines require parents to purchase a seat for their children. Some airlines include children under age 2 in their policy; some don’t. If you are traveling with a lap child, “ask for a seat assignment before you check-in. It may be a hassle for the airline staff to have make it happen, but it’s worth it,” according to Anderson of BackPax Strollers LLC.

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To be fully prepared before taking your baby to travel, read about all the things you need to know before traveling with a child.

1. Book your flight tickets well in advance.

2. Ensure you have a great baby carrier or baby stroller for traveling, preferably one that is versatile and can convert to a travel system (bought before you travel). Ask the airline or stroller manufacturer about any warranty for the colors, fabrics and supplies used.

3. Pack for your child’s needs before you travel. You should know their ages, whether they need specific foods/supplements or other special needs, and whether they are inclined towards being car sick or have any special conditions on planes (elderly, medication requirements, etc.)


Do you have to pay for an infant when flying in the USA? 

In 2013, United Airlines started charging for lap children in economy class. While Southwest Airlines and JetBlue do not charge for children under age two on any of their flights, they require seated in a parent’s lap. Delta Airlines does not charge for children under age two on flights that don’t involve an international destination but charges $150 to book a seat for the child on those flights.

Can I carry a stroller in flight without a baby?

It is best to check your stroller for carry-on strollers if it exceeds 50 pounds (23 kilograms). Ensure the stroller is completely deflated and folded up. If checked, you will need to pack all the necessary accessories for your stroller, including a rain cover or umbrella, a sunshade or other device that will protect it from the sun and wind.