Travel system strollers are specially designed to attach to a child’s car seat, giving parents the ability to seamlessly transition with their little one from car-to-home-to-public transportation. Selecting a travel system stroller requires various details of the infant, including weight, height and age, to be considered.

What to Look For Before Purchasing a Travel System Stroller

A travel system stroller is a one-time investment, as it is designed to last from birth to toddler years. There are many options for the features that come with a travel system stroller, ranging from single or double seats to comfort for babies and cup holders.

1. Weight

The weight of the travel system stroller depends on how it is used. For example, if the travel system stroller is used for short trips or walks, then a lightweight travel system stroller can be the best option. However, if the baby spends a lot of time walking in it, a heavier model could be better suited.

2. Size

A stroller should have sufficient space to allow for growth. So, while parents may want to get a travel system stroller that can be used until their child can walk, they should note the height limit. For example, some travel system strollers easily accommodate children who are 6 months, whereas others will allow for longer use until 4 years.

3. Age

The best way to select a travel system stroller is by choosing one that will fit the baby for a certain period of time. The baby’s age will determine exactly how long a travel system stroller can be used. For example, a 3-month-old baby may prefer to lay down in the stroller. On the other hand, a 6-month-old may want to sit up and look around. Picking a travel system stroller that allows for growth is key for years of usage and enjoyment.

4. Comfort

Comfort is a crucial factor when considering the purchase of a travel system stroller. The comfort level is determined by the padding on the seat and how well they play with the environment. A pad with soft, squishy material is better than a hard one that lacks cushioning and can cause pressure points in infants. On the other hand, parents should note that strollers with an upholstered seat may come at higher costs and, at times, are not comfortable for the babies. 

5. Safety

A travel system stroller should be a safe ride for an infant. This includes the ability to recline the seat, a five-point harness and protection from sun and bugs. The harness should be adjustable and fit snugly enough that babies cannot slip away from it. For Sun protection, parents may want to consider a model with large canopies that can protect an infant from excessive rays. 

Types of Travel System Strollers

1. Basic Travel System Stroller

A basic travel system stroller is designed to be used with either a single or double car seat. Basic travel system strollers are rugged in construction and are usually less expensive than other models. Basic travel system strollers usually include a parent tray or storage space for infants. These storage areas allow parents to bring along important items such as diapers, toys and clothing for their children.

2. Double Travel System Stroller

A double travel system stroller is designed for twins, but some models are designed to be able to be used with two infants at the same time. The double travel system strollers are usually larger than single-seat systems, accommodating two car seats simultaneously. Some of these strollers also include an extra storage space underneath the seats specifically for each infant.

3. Versatile Travel System Stroller

A versatile travel system stroller incorporates the basic features of single and double travel system strollers. These features include options for seating one or two infants, parent trays and storage areas. Some versatile models also come with various seating configurations, such as forward-facing, rear-facing, or reversible seats that can be used either way. Parent trays are usually fixed into place on these models to provide added convenience.

Top Brands for Travel System Strollers

1. Chicco

Chicco offers a wide range of travel system strollers designed to accommodate a variety of car seats. The Chicco ClickTight Travel System is one of the most popular strollers because it is lightweight and easy to use, even for parents who are not especially comfortable getting in and out of a car seat. This model has an adjustable footrest, five-point harness, and reclining seat.

2. Graco

Graco is one of the most well-known infant care and baby product brands. The Graco SnugRide Click Connect Travel System is one of the top-selling and best-rated strollers on the market. The Graco SnugRide Click Connect has a parent cup holder, storage space, and an adjustable canopy. This model has a unique feature that stands out from other brands: an easy-to-use adapter that connects to any car seat brand.

3. InStep

InStep makes a wide range of strollers that are suitable for travel system use. One of the most popular models is the InStep Safari Travel System. This model has a parent tray, a five-point harness and a large canopy to protect the baby from sun and insects. The InStep Safari Travel System folds up small enough to fit into a car trunk or the back seat of a car.

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If you are thinking about a stroller, you are choosing the best gift for your baby. It is suitable for an enjoyable hike with the family. You need to choose the best travel system stroller that is suitable for your needs and budget. At the same time, you need to pay attention to the features of these strollers, such as their weight, safety and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Name some of the top brands for Travel System Strollers?
A. Some top brands include Evenflo, Nuna Tavo Next & Pipa RX, Britax and others.

Q. What material is the stroller made of?
A. Strollers are made of plastic or steel. The steel ones are good for road trips because their weight is higher, which helps with stability on uneven terrain. Plastic ones tend to be lighter but may tip easier on rough roads if you’re not careful.